Water Cycle


We use up to 80% less water than conventional field growing and have virtually zero water waste. Here are 3 huge reasons why:
  1. Recirculation - we recapture every drop of water that plants don't take up and pump it right back in a closed loop system.
  2. Rain Catchment - we capture all of the rain water that falls on our roof. 4 hours of rain = 1 month of free water
  3. "Pulse" irrigation - we use a computer system to "pulse" short but numerous watering events based on how much water plants need in real time.
Go Green Soil Food Web


Soil is where the magic of life begins and is the core of our organic growing practice. We combine modern and traditional techniques to craft a beautiful and rich soil for our crops. We believe that organic soil must:
  • Be rich in microbiological life that fosters soil ecology: protozoa, fungi, bacteria, etc.
  • Contain plant and animal matter - both a food source for biology and ultimately our plants
  • Utilize compost as a source of healthy soil biology and nutrients
  • Soil biology should promote plant health through symbiotic interactions
Seed Cycle


Seed Cycle


We are proud to build our farms within the communities that we serve so that we can:
  • Reduce transportation cost
  • Reduce transportation time
  • Reduce truck emissions
  • Provide local jobs
  • Increase freshness
  • Bring the farmer back to the community!