Our Mission

To be the first national farming company with a network of small farms that grow and sell produce locally with a brand that is strongly recognized by consumers as synonymous with ultra-healthy, premium-quality and always consistent.

A Family Farm
Go Green Agriculture is a family farm with big ideas and strong values for growing the healthiest and highest quality produce while using super sustainable growing methods. All of our produce is grown with utmost care and the finest nutrients in the world - the result... the freshest and finest produce in the world!

A Word from our Founder
Imagine a world where on the outskirts of every city, you could visit your local farm(s). It would be a farm that grows several healthy fruits and vegetables and only serves its local community. We could vastly reduce the need of cross-country or international transportation that costs money, shelf life (time) and pollutes our earth with truck emissions. I'm not suggesting that all products can necessarily be grown locally and still be viable economically, but the basics like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs can. With today's technology, it's possible... and we're doing it.
My name is Pierre Sleiman and I am the founder of Go Green Agriculture. Since I was a young child, I have had a dream about integrating technology with agriculture to find better and healthier ways to grow food. My overall goal is accelerate the movement towards decentralizing agricultural production and distribution of safe and healthy fruits and vegetables in the United States and later other countries. I believe that my role is to further integrate information systems technology with greenhouse automation and hydroponics to develop an effective system that will allow farming to be integrated into urban living and therefore create a more sustainable, local and safer food supply.

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